Spiritual Growth

Patience and Perseverance

Last week we turned our thoughts to cultivating patience.  I noticed while doing my reading, that different versions of the Bible interchanged the words patience and perseverance.  The more I thought about it, the more convinced I became that there is a difference in how we apply these terms to our Christian walk.  So patience vs perseverance- what’s the difference between them?

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Spiritual Growth

Restoration by God

Restoration has been on my mind of late. My son and daughter-in-law lost their home to a fire this past spring, and it is only now, 4 months later, that restoration has begun. We have seen God’s hand in all the details of this crushing situation, but it still has not been easy. Maybe you have needed restoration in your life, too. Relationships, families, health, jobs- there are all kinds of things that are broken or lost that need restoration by God.

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Spiritual Growth

Bible Verse Memorization for Busy Women

bible verse memorization for busy women- open bible with red heart cut out placed on page; laying on brown table with blue coffee cup and tiny, 4 drawer decorative piece. Psalm 119

We’ve spent the entire month working on building up our spiritual strength and I have one more area I want to encourage you in- Bible Verse Memorization. Please don’t run for the hills! Memorizing Scripture is not a burden to add to your already busy life, but the perfect way to hide His words in your heart. It doesn’t have to be intimidating.   I guarantee you CAN memorize Scripture and when you do, you WILL reap the many benefits! Hear me out- Continue reading “Bible Verse Memorization for Busy Women”

Spiritual Growth

Resist The Devil and He Will Flee

We recently explored how to fight our battles.  I’m trying hard to use His command to STOP and shelter in him. I have felt lately, however, that my battles seem like attacks from the devil- on myself and my family members.  In my prayers each morning, I pray for help in resisting the devil and for God to grant a “hedge of protection” around each one of us.  Did you know the term “hedge” of protection comes directly from the mouth of Satan?   He used it to insinuate that the only reason Job was a devout follower of God was because God has protected him. He asks God: “Have you not put a hedge around him and his household and everything he has?” Job 1:10.  I also pray James 4:7–“Resist the devil and he will flee from you.” But how do we resist? What if we don’t think the hedge is working?

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Spiritual Growth

Why Do We Worry?

Why do we worry- sad girl sitting on a bench

Why do we worry? Because stress and worry are inevitable. Some days it’s the little things, other days it’s a mountain of little things. Sometimes it’s big things. Luckily, our bodies are made to deal with stress. When needed, our “fight or flight” response kicks in and gives us the physical responses we need in an emergency. But when we put our bodies in a chronic state of the stress response, it can interfere with our emotional and physical health. Continue reading “Why Do We Worry?”

Spiritual Growth

How to Trust God’s Timing

Last week we looked at 5 ways to grow our faith.  Studying His Word, spending time in prayer, and trusting who God is are a few ways we found that help us grow our faith.  One question came to my mind though, and that is how to trust God’s timing.  It can be so hard sometimes, especially when those I love don’t receive the desires of their hearts, or when I presume that “life’s not fair.”

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Spiritual Growth

The Significance of Easter Monday

We just celebrated the greatest day on the Christian calendar (my opinion!), Easter Sunday.  God’s plan for the restoration of his people had been accomplished.  Now here we are on Easter Monday brimming with thankfulness and joy that Jesus died to cover our sins. His resurrection sealed our eternal life with him. That changes everything. Now it’s “the day after.” Where do we go from here? The world had just experienced a major shift.  What is the significance of Easter Monday?

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