Bible Study

Bible Study that is written in a quick read format.  Learn truths from the Bible to grow in your faith.  Additional questions are included to help you apply what you learn to your own life.

Treasure in jars of clay

The Scripture about “treasure in jars of clay” comes from a letter Paul wrote to the church in Corinth. It would have made sense to them, but it doesn’t translate well to us today. What is this “treasure” and if it’s so valuable, why would it be in simple clay jars? Paul established the church …

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Verse Mapping

Have you heard of verse mapping? You may know it by another name- Bible mapping, or Bible verse mapping- but it is all the same idea. It is another tool to study the Bible, and we can never have enough of those!

Joseph, Father of Jesus

Joseph, father of Jesus, is an important and integral part of the Christmas story, yet we don’t know much about him. Even though Joseph is never quoted in the Bible, his actions give us a picture of his character. What would it have been like to be chosen as Jesus’ earthly father? Let’s put ourselves …

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Who Were the Magi?

 While thinking about the Christmas story, I couldn’t get the three wise men out of my mind. After Jesus was born, Magi came looking for the King of the Jews. Who were the Magi? Let’s explore the history of the Magi and separate truth from fiction!

Give Thanks to God [Jesus Did!]

We celebrate Thanksgiving this week, which naturally brings thoughts of thankfulness and gratefulness. There are many Bible verses that tell us how and why to give thanks to God, including ones where Jesus gives thanks. That led me to a question: Why did Jesus give thanks?

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