Christian Encouragement

Find Christian encouragement through God’s Word as you weather the obstacles and storms of your busy, everyday life.

How do we know the bible is true?

I believe the Bible is true because it says so. (More on that later.) Not everyone agrees with that concept, and their arguments against the Bible vary. How do we know the Bible is true? How would you defend the Bible as the infallible (trustworthy) Word of God?

I Am the Way

Jesus said, “I am the way”- meaning He is the only way to God. Not a way, but the way- as in, the one and only. Eternal life in heaven is only possible through Jesus and His gift of salvation. This is the foundation of our Christian faith. What led Jesus to make this statement? …

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Why me God?

“Why me, God?” is a common question when life just doesn’t make sense or bad things happen. No one expects a carefree, perfect life. But sometimes life’s burdens are heavy, and we would like an explanation.

The Lord is My rock

The Bible uses many metaphors to describe God’s nature. They help us understand Him in ways that change how we live. One metaphor we see in the Bible refers to God as our rock. What does “the Lord is my Rock” mean, and how can we use it to build a foundation on Him?

Be Doers of the word

Some call the Book of James the “how-to” book on Christian living. His focus is on how to live out an authentic faith. He tells us reading and studying God’s Word alone is not enough and gives us a very straightforward command: “be doers of the Word.” How can we live out James’ directive? What is …

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