Be Doers of the word

Some call the Book of James the “how-to” book on Christian living. His focus is on how to live out an authentic faith. He tells us reading and studying God’s Word alone is not enough and gives us a very straightforward command: “be doers of the Word.” How can we live out James’ directive? What is …

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Joseph, Father of Jesus

Joseph, father of Jesus, is an important and integral part of the Christmas story, yet we don’t know much about him. Even though Joseph is never quoted in the Bible, his actions give us a picture of his character. What would it have been like to be chosen as Jesus’ earthly father? Let’s put ourselves …

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Who Were the Magi?

 While thinking about the Christmas story, I couldn’t get the three wise men out of my mind. After Jesus was born, Magi came looking for the King of the Jews. Who were the Magi? Let’s explore the history of the Magi and separate truth from fiction!

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