The Love Of God

I’ve been reading the events of Holy Week recently and it has given me new insight into how much Jesus felt he needed to prepare the disciples before his death. So much teaching went on that last week!  I think maybe Jesus was just feeling extra protective of his disciples- time was growing short. There …

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Holy Week Devotional

I’m trying something a bit different this week, as I wanted to do a Holy Week devotional for you.  Each day of Holy Week will have an aspect of that day for personal reflection. Each day’s reflection would only take a few minutes of your time (or more, if you have it). It would be …

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The Last Supper Communion

I’ve been contemplating how Jesus instituted the Last Supper Communion. I was raised in a church that celebrated communion every week.  A deep solemnness was instilled in me regarding celebrating communion. It was a time for reflection- of ourselves and Jesus’ sacrifice.

The Promised Messiah

  As I was doing some reading in Mark, I came across the title of one of the chapters as “Jesus Predicts His Death the Third Time.” Hmmm. Three times. So I went back and looked at the other two predictions. That started me thinking about why it was so hard for the disciples to …

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Observing Lent

  I haven’t given anything up for Lent in years. I searched “the most common things given up for Lent”, and the lists are probably all things you could guess: alcohol, soda, sweets, chips, coffee… Behaviors like swearing, smoking, gossiping and using social media also make some lists. I decided to revisit what observing Lent …

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Run for Jesus

When we live out our faith, we run for Jesus.  Paul uses the example of training for a race. Are you running in such a way to get the prize?   In 2011, my oldest daughter asked me if I would run a 5K race with her. Of course not, I replied. I don’t run. …

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