Christian Encouragement

Resurrection Power

We ended Good Friday on a somber note. Jesus’ followers were both terrified of being arrested and in complete shock, sorrow, and disbelief. The chief priests and religious leaders were relieved to have Jesus removed from their midst. Satan and his minions must have been beside themselves with glee. But little did they all know- Sunday was coming. Resurrection power was going to be unleashed!

resurrection power- view from empty tomb onto empty crosses on hill at sunrise. Bloody grave clothes on stone bench in tomb.
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Christian Encouragement

Meaning of Wilderness in the Bible

By definition, a wilderness area is an uninhabited and uncultivated area. The closest I’ve been to true wilderness is camping in the Boundary Waters canoe area of Northern Minnesota. No planes fly overhead, and they do not allow any motorized boats or vehicles. It’s just you, your canoe, hiking boots, and miles and miles of lakes and trails. The meaning of wilderness in the Bible has many similarities.

Meaning of Wilderness in the Bible- clear blue-grey sky and desert landscape with one hill in the background

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Christian Encouragement

God Fights Our Battles

I was out running errands the other day and heard the song “The battle belongs to the Lord” on the radio. It certainly resonated with me; there are two overwhelming battles going on in my life. But honestly, don’t we all face battles every day? They may be spiritual, physical, and/or mental. Knowing God fights for us should bring calm and peace into our battles. But how do I let God fight my battles? Do I get to sit back and watch Him work? Are there some battles we must fight on our own?

God Fights Our Battles- graphic of david and goliath in shadows against a brown and beige sky

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Christian Encouragement

The Love of Jesus Christ

My granddaughters all loved being rocked before bed. The time together somehow turned into a time of singing. The older ones had a repertoire of favorites. The youngest didn’t have requests yet, so when she asked me to sing, I sang “Jesus loves me” along with other songs. Amazingly, the next time I visited, she requested that very song. Can one so young feel the love of Jesus Christ in their heart? This Nana’s heart swelled with gratitude that it had made an impact.

The love of Jesus Christ- graphic of 3 larger red hearts lying on smaller pink and red cut out heart

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Christian Encouragement

Rainbow Message from God

Has the sight of something ever taken your breath away? They don’t come along very often, but one morning while sitting outside for breakfast, I looked up and audibly gasped. An entire rainbow stretched before me- from its point where it entered the ocean to its opposite end. It was indescribably beautiful! It felt like a rainbow message from God; a spectacular reminder of His promise.

rainbow message from God- full rainbow in cloudy sky over ocean and cliffs

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Christian Encouragement

2022 Prayer Calendar

Prayer seems like a simple concept, and the Bible gives us a lot of encouragement to pray. By definition, it sounds like it should be easy- it’s just a conversation, right? So why do we struggle with prayer? There are many reasons, but sometimes we just need a little help in getting organized and staying focused. One way to get started is to use a prayer calendar. What is a prayer calendar and how do they help? Let’s investigate…

prayer calendar- girl with multi colored sweater holding green book; pencil resting on her face, looking pensive

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Christian Encouragement

20 Best Christmas Bible Verses

The Christmas season is upon us. It arrives with a long list of things to plan and accomplish in a few short weeks. But it can also be a beautiful time of reflection, waiting, expectation and love. One way to slow down and enjoy the season is to focus on Christmas Scripture. I’ve compiled a list of 20 best Christmas Bible verses to help you reflect and focus on the meaning of Christmas.

Best Christmas Bible Verses- close up of decorated Christmas tree with light red banner through the middle with text

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Christian Encouragement

Daily Gratitude Journal

I have never been the “journaling” type- odd for someone who loves to write, right? But three years ago, I began a daily gratitude journal and never looked back. It came as a prompting from God as I went through my annual “wrestle with the fall season.” My Mom passed away suddenly years ago in the fall, and thoughts of gratitude and thankfulness vanished for a long time. It made the long, freezing winter months even worse. I’m so thankful God said “enough” and used a daily gratitude practice to help restore me.

plain grey coffee cup and empty white paged journal on a distressed wooden table

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Christian Encouragement

Prayers for Your Family

We see God’s hand in creating families early on in the book of Genesis. Family relationships are unique- they bond us in ways no other relationships can. And while they can be our best forms of love and support, we only have to look at the very first family to see they can also be quite messy and dysfunctional. Prayer is all about our relationship with God, and prayers for your family are the very best way to care for and nurture them.

Prayers for your family- two girls making a heart with their hands, young child in lap- sunset sky

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