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5 Biblical Ways to Practice Care of the Soul

You’ve most likely heard of “self-care”, but have you heard of “soul care?” Both involve refreshment and rest, but soul care has the advantage of bringing Jesus into the equation, which brings lasting results! Let’s discover how to practice care of the soul.

Child Like Faith

 My 7-year-old granddaughter loves to read the Bible. While reading Bible stories together recently, she suddenly remembered a story she wanted to talk about. She jumped up excitedly and drew it out on a whiteboard. (I had never even heard the story and had to slink off to check it out.) Her enthusiasm amazed me! …

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Resurrection Power

We ended Good Friday on a somber note. Jesus’ followers were both terrified of being arrested and in complete shock, sorrow, and disbelief. The chief priests and religious leaders were relieved to have Jesus removed from their midst. Satan and his minions must have been beside themselves with glee. But little did they all know- …

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God Fights Our Battles

I was out running errands the other day and heard the song “The battle belongs to the Lord” on the radio. It certainly resonated with me; there are two overwhelming battles going on in my life. But honestly, don’t we all face battles every day? They may be spiritual, physical, and/or mental. Knowing God fights …

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