Bible Study

Nathaniel the Apostle

I became intrigued with the story of Nathaniel the apostle while watching the TV series “The Chosen.” They portray Nathaniel as crying out to God, but receiving no response. Have you ever felt unseen by God? Have you felt He has been silent as you called out to Him? We find Nathaniel’s unusual and unique story in only a few verses, but there is so much to learn from his life and encounter with Jesus.

Nathaniel the Apostle- silhouette of man sitting under leafy tree at dusk

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Bible Study

10 Powerful Lessons from Peter Walking on Water

Matthew, Mark, and John were all eyewitnesses to the spectacular miracle of Jesus and Peter walking on water. Jesus had just performed the miracle of the Feeding of the 5000 and was seeking a time of solitude and prayer with His Father. He sent the disciples ahead in a boat to cross the Sea of Galilee. The ensuing storm brought opportunities for Jesus to teach the disciples new lessons in faith. The storms in our life bring these same truths to light.

10 Powerful lessons from Peter walking on water- black and white sketch of Jesus walking on water facing a boat on the waves with men inside

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Christian Encouragement

How to Recognize Spiritual Weeds in Your Life

One reason I love summer is the time I get to spend in my gardens. I love the fresh air and warm sunshine, and I see God’s magnificent creative hand in all that grows. Well, except for weeds. They are the gardener’s torment for many reasons. I also find it interesting that we can draw parallels between actual weeds to the “spiritual weeds” that grow in the gardens of our hearts.

How to recognize spiritual weeds in your life- field of weeds with white seed heads in varying stages of growth

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Bible Study

What Does the Bible Say about Loving Yourself ?

Part of my daily morning prayer is that I would fulfill my purpose in life by loving God completely, loving myself correctly, and to love others with compassion. Loving my Savior comes easily. I pray and work towards having His eyes when I see others. But loving myself correctly can sometimes escape my grasp. How do we balance the truth of our sinfulness with knowing He made us in His image? What does the Bible say about loving yourself?

What does the Bible say about loving yourself- stones on beach shaped into a heart

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Christian Encouragement

Overcoming a Spirit of Fear

“I’m afraid I have bad news….” It was my mom calling. My initial response was to tell her I didn’t want to hear it. A deep fear of what she was about to say sent me straight into denial, which is an unhealthy coping mechanism. Overcoming a spirit of fear in our lives is possible when we understand its causes, recognize its presence, and learn positive ways to overcome fear as a Christian.

overcoming a spirit of fear- torso view of woman in oversized white blouse; hands clasped in front

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