Worship of our God can take many forms. Discover why and how we worship and what our worship should look like.

Lord, Teach Us to Pray!

While doing some research on prayer, I came across the story of the disciples asking Jesus, “Lord, teach us to pray!” Jesus had been praying to His heavenly Father in front of the disciples, and when he finished, they asked him for help in their prayer life. I was intrigued!  What was it about Jesus’ …

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2022 Prayer Calendar

Prayer seems like a simple concept, and the Bible gives us a lot of encouragement to pray. By definition, it sounds like it should be easy- it’s just a conversation, right? So why do we struggle with prayer? There are many reasons, but sometimes we just need a little help in getting organized and staying …

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What is Heaven Like?

When my mom suddenly passed away, our family was rocked to the core. One day she had planted some perennials in her garden, and the next day she was gone. She was “only” 74, but had always been healthy, vibrant, and strong. We not only missed her everyday presence but grieved over what she would …

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Old Testament Tabernacle

Last week’s post dealt with encountering God and the reason he encamped with his people. Seeing a replica of the tabernacle in person gave me a whole new insight into how God planned out this Holy Place.  It also fascinated me that God inserted so much symbolism in the Old Testament tabernacle to show us …

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Encountering God

I recently experienced a guided tour of a life-size Old Testament tabernacle set up at our church.  It coincided with a sermon series about encountering God.  The Tabernacle Experience transports you back in time into Old Testament life and explains the history, building, and rituals performed within the Tabernacle.  Walking through the courtyard, offering a …

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