Huldah in the Bible

If you looked up a list of obscure Bible characters, you would find the Old Testament prophetess Huldah. I had never even heard of Huldah’s story until someone asked me to write about her. Even though her story is short, she plays an oversize role in Israel’s history. She was one of only nine true …

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Patience and Perseverance

Last week we turned our thoughts to cultivating patience.  I noticed while doing my reading, that different versions of the Bible interchanged the words patience and perseverance.  The more I thought about it, the more convinced I became that there is a difference in how we apply these terms to our Christian walk.  So patience …

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Child Like Faith

 My 7-year-old granddaughter loves to read the Bible. While reading Bible stories together recently, she suddenly remembered a story she wanted to talk about. She jumped up excitedly and drew it out on a whiteboard. (I had never even heard the story and had to slink off to check it out.) Her enthusiasm amazed me! …

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Mother’s Day Verses in the Bible

We celebrated Mother’s Day yesterday- a day to honor our mothers, grandmothers, (maybe even great grandmother’s?) and women who play mothering roles in other’s lives. Many roles of a mother go unnoticed and are under appreciated. So today I want to encourage and acknowledge you with Mother’s Day verses in the Bible.

What are the Promises of God?

What are the promises of God? God filled the Bible cover-to-cover with His promises. They take on many forms; from those given specifically to Israel, to promises of warning, and promises yet to come. Some promises are revealed in His Names- a promise of an attribute or a characteristic. God sealed every single promise with …

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The Early Christian Church

The Bible gives us a fascinating account of the birth and the growth of the early Christian church. The first true believers of Jesus lived in a small part of the world, but God had big plans for them and the expansion of His message.

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