Bible Study

Bible Study that is written in a quick read format.  Learn truths from the Bible to grow in your faith.  Additional questions are included to help you apply what you learn to your own life.

Parable of Yeast

Jesus used the parable of yeast in a few places in the Bible.  It always symbolizes great growth. The metaphor must have stuck with His disciples as I came across this use of the word yeast while I was meandering through scripture: “You were running a good race. Who cut in on you and kept

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Life of Paul the Apostle

Last week’s blog on Lydia meeting the Apostle Paul really got me thinking about Paul’s life. Two specific points came to mind and I wanted to explore a little more on each point. First of all, I wondered why Paul would seek out a synagogue, or Jewish prayer house in Philippi (and everywhere he went)

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Weddings In the Bible

My oldest son is getting married soon and I’ve got wedding on the brain. I was sure I could use my obsession as a jumping off point for a blog post. I know a few things about the wedding in Cana, and I remember hearing something confusing about a bridegroom analogy, but I wanted to

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