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I’m not sure who the pundits are speaking to when they claim that starting a blog is easy. “Start a Blog in 20 Minutes,” they say- “3 steps to Start a Blog”, etc.  It hasn’t been easy, but at least I’ve learned a lot!

One important step in the whole process is deciding on the actual name of the blog. Coming up with a name for it was almost impossible. After weeks of thinking about and searching for just the right name that was also available as a domain name, I finally came up with Busy Blessed Women. Whew!! Success!!

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Literally, the day I decided on the name and saw it was available, I read an article about “churchy” words that might not resonate in today’s culture. And yes, you guessed it, there it was…. “Blessed.” Their point was a good one. Do we understand the actual meaning of these words we use or do we use them because it seems religious? Ah well, too bad, I decided in the blink of an eye. No hesitation. I believe I’m using it for the right reasons. Let me explain…

Busy Women

I’d been involved in Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) for a total of 12 years. It’s an in-depth Bible study with a weekly lecture, discussion time, and daily homework.  It’s been the place where I’ve always felt closest to God.

But this past year, I had a nagging feeling that it was time for a change. I had never felt this way before.  BSF was my happy place.

As I was sitting in class one morning, it was revealed that the fastest growing age group in our study were those in their 70’s!

I thought, “Where are all the young women?”

Then I remembered- the years that I wasn’t able to go to BSF were years filled with a job, family commitments, home, friends… I know the struggle.  Hmm, how could I reach those who just don’t have the time to dig deep into the Bible?  So much is online now and accessible on our phones and tablets. What better way to reach all you busy women than through social media?

I felt the nudging of the Holy Spirit to pursue my long-desired writing career and start my own blog.

No way, I thought…I no absolutely nothing about technology.

But the Holy Spirit wouldn’t let go of me.  I knew it was time to make a change. There would be no more sitting comfortably and taking in His Word; it was time to share.

Busy women, I want to bless you- to share with you what I’ve received.

Biblical Definition of Blessing

So what does blessing mean? As believers, we are “blessed with every spiritual blessing in Christ.” (Ephesians 1:3),NIV.  That means because of Jesus, we have all the benefits of knowing who God is right here on earth, right now.  He lives within us through the Holy Spirit. As a result, we are called to be a blessing to others.

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Bless Others

It seems to me that a lot of our world today is angry, fearful, and aggressive. I want this blog to be an antidote to all those negative things. Let’s replace them with hope, encouragement, compassion, and peace.

How? Well, I’d like this to be a community where we gain a new understanding of a Biblical truth that will be personally relevant to YOUR life. Wouldn’t it be great if we could integrate God’s character into our own lives a bit better, and then pass that on (bless others) in our everyday interactions?

How would that impact your own circle?

How would it make a difference in your neighborhoods, workplace, and world?

I am definitely in need of this as much as you might be.  Join me on this journey! I’d love to hear your thoughts, questions, doubts, fears, and ideas.

Comment on this page, or send me an email at annmarie at busyblessedwomen dot com. I’ll always be open to discussion on any topic and would love to hear from you!



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