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Jesus said, It is Finished

John documented these words as a direct bystander of Jesus’s crucifixion. He tells us his testimony is true and wrote it down so that “you also may believe.” (John 19:35) Jesus’ words on the cross were tender words of care, fulfilled prophecy, and quoted Scripture. But when His work was done, Jesus declared these words of victory- “it is finished.” John 19:30.

it is finished- view of 3 empty crosses from inside a cave/tomb with sun rising behind

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Bible Study

The Message of the Cross

Only four of Jesus’s loved ones stood at the foot of the cross, united in their love and desire to be with Him in His last hours. It took tremendous courage to stand there. Perhaps the disciple John remembered the words of Jesus: “Anyone who does not take up his cross and follow in my footsteps is not worthy of me.” Matthew 10:38.  What is the message of the cross? 

The message of the cross- man in red winter jacket and grey stocking cap half kneeling on frozen ground before a plain wooden cross on a rock base.

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Bible Study

Who Is Jesus to You?


Who is Jesus to you- palms in the shape of a cross lying on straight palms on wooden table, white card with text on right

In the week before Jesus’ death, we see a massive wave of confusion and shifting loyalties. The large and adoring crowds on Palm Sunday give way to the crowds screaming for His death just a few days later. There are many opinions today on who Jesus is; but the most important question is, who is Jesus to you? Our answer to that question has eternal significance. Continue reading “Who Is Jesus to You?”

Bible Study

What Does it Mean to Take Up Your Cross?

Is anything more universal than the cross? We see it world-wide: on churches and walls, as jewelry and tattoos, and on foreheads on Ash Wednesday. For Christians, it symbolizes salvation. Jesus knew the cross was in His future. He also told His disciples that to be His follower, they needed to “take up their cross.” What did Jesus mean when he said to “take up your cross?”

What does it mean to take up your cross- multicolored ceramic cross on light blue background

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Spiritual Growth

4 Ways to Prepare Your Heart for Easter

How do you usually prepare for Easter? Normally, it’s everything from church services to new clothes and food planning. This year: none of these things. Online church services have been a lifesaver (thanks to technology!), but there is still that feeling of disconnect for me. I did a little digging and came up with 4 ways (and lots of ideas!) to help you prepare your heart for Easter.

prepare your heart for Easter- crude wood cross with heart at the center radiating light- all in brown tones

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Bible Study

The Last Prayer of Jesus

Can you imagine having dinner with Jesus tonight and having it end with Him lifting His eyes to heaven and begin to pray?  I’d be hanging on every word! The disciples heard the last great prayer of Jesus immediately following the Last Supper. Jesus knew they would mourn his physical presence and wanted them (and us) to receive His comfort and love.  It was the last chance, of sorts, to let them know his plans/desires for their lives. It is the longest recorded prayer of Jesus in the Bible and is found in John 17: 1-26.  We are gifted with a unique chance to see the heart and mind of Jesus and it shows us the special value we have to him as he prays for us.  Let’s have a look…

the last great prayer of Jesus

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Bible Study

The Beauty of Jesus Christ

The Beauty of Jesus Christ


Passion (or Holy) Week is a time to reflect on Jesus’ life, ministry, death, and resurrection. That brought to mind an older song that kept running through my mind- “How Beautiful” by Twila Paris. Its lyrics speak to the beauty of Jesus Christ in his life here on earth and in his sacrifice. Can you appreciate the beauty in his life, ministry, and death? Continue reading “The Beauty of Jesus Christ”

Bible Study

Crown Of Thorns Symbolism

Our first house had a row of Russian Olive trees and a walkway full of Barberry bushes. The trees were obnoxious because A) they do not produce olives you could eat, which would have been awesome, and B) they grow super sharp 3 inch thorns. The Barberry were similarly dangerous- sharp prickly thorns made pruning them a painful exercise. I can’t imagine wearing a crown of thorns…

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Bible Study

“I Thirst”

I Thirst

“I thirst“- Jesus.  He must have been horribly dehydrated.  Can you think of a time when you’ve experienced extreme thirst? It’s hard because we are fortunate to have access to drinking water most anywhere we go. We turn on a tap, carry it around with us, buy it in the store, and can get it in a restaurant. In Jesus’ day, water was not that easy to obtain and didn’t always taste that good. But water is essential for our survival. It’s not an option to go without.

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