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What Does the Bible Say about Patience

We can all universally agree that patience is a virtue, and everyone could probably benefit from exercising it more often. I confess, sometimes a sleepless night, increased stress, or not feeling well brings out the impatient side of me. I know I could use more patience; how about you? Let’s investigate what the Bible says about patience.

What does the Bible say about patience- hourglass in wooden case with blurred people in backgroundh


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Christian Encouragement

Mental Health in the Bible

May is Mental Health Awareness month. Being a Christian does not mean we are immune from mental health disorders any more than physical illness. It’s comforting to know He sees us as “wonderfully made” and there is no type of health issue that would change that. He would never discourage us from seeking medical help or professional counseling for any illness. And as Christians, we have advantages the secular world lacks. He has prepared His Word to be full of encouragement, healing, and guidance when our mental health is suffering!

Mental health in the Bible- close up of profile of woman's face, hands clasped to her mouth, eyes shut, tears on face

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Christian Encouragement

Go and Make Disciples of All Nations

One of the last teachings Jesus shared with the disciples was the Great Commission. “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations.” Matthew 28:19. He wasn’t asking them to go. He did not offer it as a choice. The disciples had studied and lived with Him for 3 years. They witnessed His death and resurrection and truly believed He was the Messiah. They were already on the path!

go and make disciples- background of 4 colored ancient maps

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Bible Study

What are the Promises of God?

What are the promises of God? God filled the Bible cover-to-cover with His promises. They take on many forms; from those given specifically to Israel, to promises of warning, and promises yet to come. Some promises are revealed in His Names- a promise of an attribute or a characteristic. God sealed every single promise with His Holy Authority. If He makes a promise, it is true. There is an incredible amount of encouragement in His promises!

What are the promises of God- double rainbow over woods and river

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Christian Encouragement

Resurrection Power

We ended Good Friday on a somber note. Jesus’ followers were both terrified of being arrested and in complete shock, sorrow, and disbelief. The chief priests and religious leaders were relieved to have Jesus removed from their midst. Satan and his minions must have been beside themselves with glee. But little did they all know- Sunday was coming. Resurrection power was going to be unleashed!

resurrection power- view from empty tomb onto empty crosses on hill at sunrise. Bloody grave clothes on stone bench in tomb.
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Bible Study

The Suffering Servant of Isaiah 53

The title “Suffering Servant” comes from the prophet Isaiah. He shows us that Jesus is the Suffering Servant who will fulfill God’s plan of  salvation for His people. This chapter is amazing because of it’s detailed depiction of the life and suffering of Jesus. This fulfilled prophecy caused so much controversy in later years that it was named “the forbidden chapter.” 

The Suffering Servant- slock of sheep in yellow field with pink tinged forest in background.

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Bible Study

The Story of John the Baptist

John the Baptist is one of the most well-known Bible characters. John looked and acted out of the norm (which has caused some to think of him as a bit kooky), but he was no ordinary prophet! When we look deeply into the Bible story of John the Baptist, we see many aspects of his strengths and accomplishments. The more I learned, the more I realized he was a superhero of Biblical characters!

the story of john the baptist- painting of Jesus being baptized by John in river with dove overhead and angels on either side

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Christian Encouragement

Meaning of Wilderness in the Bible

By definition, a wilderness area is an uninhabited and uncultivated area. The closest I’ve been to true wilderness is camping in the Boundary Waters canoe area of Northern Minnesota. No planes fly overhead, and they do not allow any motorized boats or vehicles. It’s just you, your canoe, hiking boots, and miles and miles of lakes and trails. The meaning of wilderness in the Bible has many similarities.

Meaning of Wilderness in the Bible- clear blue-grey sky and desert landscape with one hill in the background

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Christian Encouragement

God Fights Our Battles

I was out running errands the other day and heard the song “The battle belongs to the Lord” on the radio. It certainly resonated with me; there are two overwhelming battles going on in my life. But honestly, don’t we all face battles every day? They may be spiritual, physical, and/or mental. Knowing God fights for us should bring calm and peace into our battles. But how do I let God fight my battles? Do I get to sit back and watch Him work? Are there some battles we must fight on our own?

God Fights Our Battles- graphic of david and goliath in shadows against a brown and beige sky

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