Encourage your faith in God by searching His Word for the many ways He works in our lives.  Your faith will increase as you build your confidence and trust in Him.

Understanding the Work of the Holy Spirit

I have a memory that has always been quite strong, and I thought of it when I recently wrote about our “spiritual eyes” being opened by the Holy Spirit. The nature and understanding of the Holy Spirit was a mystery partially unlocked when I was young.

Pray For Teachers

The Back-to-School ads have started, and while they no longer remind me of school supplies and new clothes to buy, they remind me that summer is ending. But for teachers, “back to school” has a whole different meaning. It signals the many challenges and changes to come within their chosen field of work. I’m feeling …

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What is Pruning in the Bible?

This is my forsythia bush. I’ve never grown one before and as I looked at it this week, I saw what a tangled mess it’s spreading branches had become. Some pruning was definitely in order. It is a great metaphor to answer the question, what is pruning in the Bible?

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