Christian Encouragement

The Great Physician

The Great Physician- black stethoscope on light blue background with small red heart

One of the more powerful attributes of Jesus is that of the Great Physician. He came to this world to heal humanity and all four Gospels record Jesus’ healings as a significant part of His life. He created us in His image with a body, mind, and spirit, and each aspect can need healing. Jesus is the same healer today that He was over 2000 years ago, and will be forever. Continue reading “The Great Physician”

Bible Study

God Will Provide

God Will Provide- close up of field of wheat

We see the evidence of God’s provision from the very beginning of creation. He provided abundant food and the perfect environment in the Garden of Eden, then the water, manna, and quail for the Israelites, the ram taking Isaac’s place as the sacrifice, and the future provision of a new heaven and earth. God continues to provide for us daily, (although not always in the ways we have in mind!) Continue reading “God Will Provide”

Bible Study

The Beatitudes Explained

The Beatitudes are the teachings of Jesus that He gave early on in His ministry.  They were an “introduction” to the Sermon on the Mount. Each Beatitude is a simple statement describing how to be blessed while serving in God’s Kingdom. Someone recently asked me to give more information on this Matthew passage, so here is my condensed version of “the Beatitudes explained.”

The Beatitudes Explained- Page of bible verses on Beatitudes Continue reading “The Beatitudes Explained”

Christian Encouragement

Love Casts Out Fear

If we were to be honest, I think all of us have dealt with the emotion of fear over the past months. It may range from all out panic to a general feeling of uneasiness. As I was thinking about the comfort of Jesus’ love, a Bible verse came to mind, and it seemed like the perfect antidote. John tells us, “perfect love casts out fear.” How can love cast out fear and what is perfect love?

love casts out fear- small deep red flowers in glass bubble vases hanging from bare tree branches
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Christian Encouragement

The Meaning of the Serenity Prayer

The Serenity prayer crossed my path recently. I’ve seen it many times but hadn’t given it much thought.  It’s a well-known prayer that asks God for His help in achieving what many of us are craving right now- the comfort of His serenity.  Let’s break down the meaning of the Serenity Prayer and see how we can apply it’s comfort to our own lives.

meaning of the serenity prayer- deep blue water with 2 vibrant pink water lilies

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Christian Encouragement

Bible Verses for Stressful Times

We are living in strange times right now.  There is nothing normal about our lives.  Things are changing so quickly, sometimes by the hour! The headlines are confusing and scary, which makes our personal lives feel the same.  But in the center of all this uncertainty and trouble, we can cling to one certainty- our never-changing Heavenly Father.  These stressful times are not news to Him.  And He has given us Bible verses to strengthen, help us stay calm and feel his peace.

Bible Verses for stressful times- man with outstretched arms looking at waterfall and rainbow

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Christian Encouragement

The Blessing

The Blessing- words on out of focus brown and blue circles

The first version I heard of the song “The Blessing” was from a Facebook post. They posted it partially because the choir was from “Kalamazoo” and they were entertained by the town’s name.  Since I grew up in MI (and am familiar with Kalamazoo) and hadn’t heard the song, I clicked on it. It was a Zoom version put together with numerous churches from the Kalamazoo area to bless their community. This song brings the encouragement, comfort, and hope we all need right now! Continue reading “The Blessing”

Christian Encouragement

Beauty in Brokenness

How can there be beauty in brokenness? Broken things are usually tossed away; discarded because they are useless. Broken people can feel useless and tossed away too.  I’ve been there, and it’s not a good place.  Maybe you feel the things you’ve done have broken you beyond repair.  As we read and listen to the news- brokenness seems all around.  Can we find beauty there?  Read on…

Beauty in Brokenness- shards of broken brown pottery in the sand

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