Prepare your heart for Christmas and the birth of our Savior.  Christmas is a meaningful time of waiting and preparation.  Explore how to accomplish a meaningful Christmas season.

Joseph, Father of Jesus

Joseph, father of Jesus, is an important and integral part of the Christmas story, yet we don’t know much about him. Even though Joseph is never quoted in the Bible, his actions give us a picture of his character. What would it have been like to be chosen as Jesus’ earthly father? Let’s put ourselves …

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Who Were the Magi?

 While thinking about the Christmas story, I couldn’t get the three wise men out of my mind. After Jesus was born, Magi came looking for the King of the Jews. Who were the Magi? Let’s explore the history of the Magi and separate truth from fiction!

The Gifts of the Wise Men

Christmas is just a few days away. I’ve wrapped our gifts and placed them underneath the tree. While wrapping them, I began thinking of the gifts that the wise men brought to Jesus. I wondered what Mary and Joseph thought of these visitors from afar and their gifts? What happened to the gifts they brought?  …

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O Come Emmanuel

There are hundreds of prophecies about Jesus in the Old Testament. We learned some of them last week while studying the prophecies of Jesus’ birth. I came across too many to focus on but did find something intriguing- there are many Old Testament references to Jesus in the song “O Come, O Come, Emmanuel.” Since …

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Prophecies about Jesus’ Birth

Finding all those Old Testament Christmas verses for last week’s post sparked my curiosity. Are there other prophecies about Jesus’ birth? Why is it important that we know about the prophecies of Jesus? Let’s see what we can find…

The Prince of Peace

If there was ever a year to meditate on the Prince of Peace, this is it!  The Christmas story radiates peace in a myriad of ways that can comfort and guide us through the season. The prophesied Prince of Peace was born at the perfect place and time; an event planned long before His arrival …

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Why Jesus Came at Christmas

It’s time to celebrate! We’ve moved through a time of anticipatory waiting and focusing on Jesus’ birth. We’ve reflected on the meaning of Immanuel- God with us. We concentrated on the aspect of the Light of the World coming to dispel sin and darkness forever. Now it’s time to turn to Scripture to hear why …

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